Adding Students to an existing Group via the reception tab.

Adding Students to an existing Group (activity)

Students added to this group will be automatically added to all the future 'auto-notify' event registers.

1. Click the 'Reception' tab. 

2. Click the 'Groups' tab.


3. Use the filters to find the new group. If you are searching for a group that you are not a staff member of, you must uncheck the 'My Groups' toggle box.


4. When the correct group has been found, select it and on the right side of the screen, the group will appear. 

5. Click 'Students' tab. 


6. You can either add one student or multiple, click either the blue '+Add' or '+Add Multiple' tab. 


7. If you click '+Add Multiple', to add the student, click the green '+' symbol. You can also search for a student or filter by Name, Year, Group or Gender. When selected, they will appear under the 'Selected' column. You can also remove students by clicking the red trash icon. 

8. When the correct pupils have been selected, click the green 'Save' tab. 


9. If you click '+Add', you can enter a search for a name, select a student and then click 'Add'.

10. The pupils have now been added to the group (activity) and the events that were previously created. 


11. From there, you are able to take registers and record the attendance of the desired events.