Groups/Activities with no or not enough requests- ON HOLD or COMPLETE?

After you have completed your allocations occasionally there will be one or two groups that fail to meet the required minimum number of students to run the activity. However, due to several reasons (activity was added late into the signup, parents missed it because it was not available to the correct year /grade or group, etc) you still may want to 'run' the group and create all the weekly activities ready for students to join in the future.

Therefore you have a few options prior to generating events within a container:-

1. Put the activity 'ON HOLD'. 
Use this option if you have no immediate plans to run this group/activity. If this changes please see bottom of this page.**

2. Mark the activity manually as 'COMPLETE'. 
Use this option if you would like to create all events for the future. If there are a select number of students then this will add them to this group. If you do not wish to allocate these students to this group you must either manually move each student to another activity OR put the group on hold temporarily, remove all allocations and re-allocate. Then when you have done this there will be no students allocated to this group so then you can manually edit the status of the group to Complete. This is the only time you should ever manually adjust the status of a group!

Once marked as complete and even with no students the events will be generated for this group/activity and this will be live ready for either join requests or manual additions to the group.

**If you have chosen option 1 but later realised you want to run the group please follow the instructions below:-

a. Goto the container where the group/activity resides.
b. Edit the group and change the status to 'Active' (only if the container is active and the generate events process has run')
c. Ensure block dates are set at an organisation level (Click here for instructions)
d. Now create repeating 'auto-notify' events for the relevant group via this process - follow this link.
e. Once complete any students added to that group/activity will be automatically added to the attendance register for all future events of this type.