Adding Groups (Activities) to an Active Container

Adding Groups to an Active Container in SchoolsBuddy

If you wish to add a group (activity) to Container that is already active, allocations have been made and events have been generated, it will consist of three steps:-
  • Adding the Group (activity) to the Container 
  • Creating the events for the relevant Group (activity) 
  • Adding Pupils to the Group (activity)

Adding the Group (activity) to the Container

1. Click the 'Activities Signup Admin' (this may be labelled differently due to your School's preferences).

2. Click the blue 'Manage' tab on the desired container. 

3. Click the blue 'Add' tab. 

4. Fill in the following details as follows:- 
  • Title: Title of the activity
  • Description: Description of the activity
  • Status: Set this to Active (day of the week must be inserted before this is set to active)
  • Start time & End Time: This will be set to the time listed in the Container creation process, however, it can be changed on this screen. 
  • Days of the week: select which day of the week the activity will take place (this must be inserted before the status of the group is set to active)
  • Number of places: Number of places available in the activity
  • Minimum places: Minimum number of places for the activity
  • Available to: when selected, the pop-up box shown in the image below will appear. Use the search and drop down bar to determine who the activity will be available to, for example, if Year 10 is selected then only pupils and Parents of Pupils in year 10 will be able to select the activity. When finished, select the green ‘Continue’ tab.
  • Gender: Like the ‘available’ option selecting a gender will only let males/females see the activity. If it is mixed, then this will be available to everyone.
  • Organised by: the teacher organising the activity
  • Location: If the location that you want to set for the activity is not listed, you will need to create the location. 
  • Price: if the activity has a price, type in the details.
  • Cost type: this will be either be ‘free’ or ‘chargeable’
  • Activity: select which sport or activity
When the correct details have been entered, click the green 'Save' tab.

5. The new group will be listed inside the container.