Generating Preference Based Sign Up Events

Generating Preference Based Sign Up Events in SchoolsBuddy

Once you are happy with the allocations made within your sign up, you must generate the events for each group/activity. To do this:-

1. Select the 'Generate Events' tab. 

2. If any groups/activities have not met the specific criteria of the group, they will be listed when this tab is selected. You then have the option to either put this group/activity on hold or manually allocate the activity. 

3. If the all the groups have been completed then the screen shown in the image below will appear. 

4. Tick the 'I Confirm' tick box. 

5. You can also add additional information in the text box provided. 

6. When you are ready to generate the events, click the green 'Generate' tab. 

7. When the generate tab has been selected, the allocated events will automatically fil the diary of the pupil or the parent. Pupils will automatically become apart of the activity group and lead staff members will be assigned to the correct groups. 

8. Pupils/Parents will also receive an email communication notifying them of their allocations. An example of this email communication is shown in the image below.