Manually Allocating Students

Manually Allocating Pupils in SchoolsBuddy

In a preference based sign-up container, you have the option of manually allocating pupils. This can either be done after an auto-allocate or you can manually allocate the entire sign up. To manually allocate pupils:- 

1. Click the 'Groups' tab in the correct container. 

2. When clicked, a list of the groups/activities which are in the sign up will be listed. Depending on what stage you are in the sign-up this will dictate the status of the group/activity. 

If an auto-allocate process has been completed then the activity/group status will either be: 
  • Auto-Complete: auto-allocation process has filled the group 
  • Complete: group has been manually allocated and marked as complete 
  • Partial: group is currently in the process of being manually allocated
  • On Hold: the group has not met the selection requirements. 

3. To manually allocate the group/activity, click the blue 'Allocate' tab next to to the desire group/activity. 

4. When selected, the group/activity allocation page will appear. An example of this is shown in the image below.  

From here you can either add or remove pupils from the activity. Each icon located next to the name of the pupil will mean different information:- 
  • P1: this identifies which preference the pupil selected this activity (this can be 1-5)
  • Green tick mark: this identifies that a pupil has been allocated every selection they chose. 
  • 3 tan lines: indicates that the pupil has other preferences for the day of the activity. 
  • Red triangle: this means the pupil has already been allocated an activity on this day (the day of the current activity)
  • Green information bubble: if selected, you can view the pupil's diary. 
To remove and add pupils to the group, use the '+' and '-' icons that are located on the right of the pupil name. 

5. If you wish to view what other groups the pupil has been allocated, click the pupil's name. When clicked, the pupil allocation overview will appear on the right side of the screen. An example of this has been shown in the image below. 

6. When the manual allocations have been made you have the option of either: marking the group as complete, on hold or saving the allocation which will make the group labelled as partial. 

7. If you are happy with all the allocations made, then the activity/group events must be generated. To learn how to do this, click here