Manually making Pupils preference selections

Manually making Pupils preference selections in SchoolsBuddy

As a Sign-up and join request admin you have the ability to manually make pupil preference selections within a preference based sign up container. To do this:- 

1. Click the 'Activities Sign up Admin' tab (this may be labelled differently due to your School's preferences)

2. Click the blue 'Manage' tab on the correct container. 

3. Click the 'Pupil Selections' tab. 

4. In this tab, you will see an overview of the Pupil selections for that container sign up. 

5. To manually make a pupil selection, select the desired student. When selected, the available activities on each day of the week will appear on the right side of the screen. 

6. Select the day/s in which you wish to make selections. When selected, the available activities will be displayed. To select the preferences, click the toggle box next to the number of the preference. Preference goes as follows:-
  • 1- First choice
  • 2- Second choice
  • 3- Third choice…

7. When the correct selections have been made click the 'Save' and 'Confirm' tabs. 

8. When the selections are confirmed, it will show next to the Pupil name which staff member made selections with the time and date.