Post Allocation Join Requests

Post Allocation Join Requests within SchoolsBuddy

Within the CCA/Activites module of SchoolsBuddy you have the ability to create a preference based activities sign-up, another feature of this module is having post allocation join requests. If this option is selected, clubs/activities that have already been allocated to students can be requested to be joined by either the Students or Parents. When requested, the lead organiser (or Join Request Admins setup from the Staff Roles tab) of the club/activity has the option to either accept or decline the join request. Admin Users can accept or decline any requests regardless of the group. This feature is a great tool if your School allows Students to change CCA/Activities after the allocation process has taken place or to allow new starters a way to request activities to join.

Allowing CCA/Activity Container to have Post Allocation Join Requests

Container Level

1. Click the 'Activities Sign up Admin' tab (this may be labelled differently due to your school's preferences) 

2. Click the 'Edit' tab next to the container you wish to turn on join requests. 

3. Select the tick box and click the green 'Save' tab at the bottom of the page. 

4. Now the container will display the join requests are turned on. 

Group/Activity Level

5. Click the blue 'Manage' tab next to the correct container. 

6. Click the 'Edit' tab next to the group/activity you wish to turn on post allocation join requests. 

7. Click the 'Allow post allocation join request tick box' and you also have the option of if the group meets the maximum number of places then students/parents will not be able to submit a join request. 

8. When the correct options have been selected, click the green 'Save' tab at the bottom of the page. 

9. In the 'Groups' tab of the container, it will now display that join request are available. 

10. Below is a pupil/parent view when submitting a post-allocation join request. The image below shows a container that has post allocation join requests available. 


11. Then the groups that are available for join requests will be listed and the pupil/parent will be able to submit a post-allocation join request. 


Notification of a Post Allocation Join Request

You will receive a notification when a post-allocation join request has been submitted if you are a:- 
  • Sign up and join request admin 
  • Activity/Group lead organiser 
You will receive an email notification and a notification within your Staff SchoolsBuddy portal. An example of the email notification which is sent is shown in the image below.    


Accepting or Rejecting Post Allocation Join Requests

Once the CCA/Activities allocations have been made, Pupils/Parents will be able to request to join Activities/Groups that have enabled post allocation join request. As the Organiser of the Activity/Group or Sign up and Join Request Admin, you have the ability to respond to that Pupil join request. To do this:- 

1. Click the 'Reception/Registers' tab' 

2. Click the 'Join Request' tab. 


3. From there, you will see a list of Pupils who have requested to join particular groups. 

4. As a Sign-up and join request admin you will be able to accept or reject all of the join requests. The lead organiser of a Group/Activity will only be able to accept or reject the activities/groups in which they organise. 

5. To accept or reject, click the green 'Accept' or red 'Reject' tab. 

6. If you wish to see the Pupils profile which will show their diary, group memberships and other information, select the green ‘i’ icon that is located next to the Pupil name.

7. Click the 'Dairy' tab to see their current diary. 

8. The parent/pupil will be notified when their join request has been answered.