Creating a preference based After School Activity Sign-Up Container

Creating a preference based- After School Activity Sign Up in SchoolsBuddy

If this is the first time creating a preference based sign up, we advise you arrange training on this module. Please email to arrange a preference based container training session. 

When creating a preference based sign up this consists of two phases. The first phase is creating the activities container and the second phase is creating the activities/groups that will be within the sign-up container. 

Creating a Sign-Up Container

1. Click the 'Activities& Clubs' tab (this may be labelled differently due to your school's preferences) 


2. Click the blue 'Add' tab. 



3. Fill in the correct details surrounding the After School Club Sign Up.

  • Sign Up Title: Name of the After School Club Sign Up
  • Description: Description of the After School Club Sign Up
  • Sign Up type: Select 'Preference based Sign Up' from the drop-down bar


When the drop down bar selection has been made, the rest of the information fields will appear on the screen. 

4. Fill in the following information fields as follows:-  

  • Selection type: select 'Preferences'
  • Preference Selection Scope: Select 'Daily' or 'Weekly'
  • Ignore Day of the Week: Click this box if using the container for School Trips so it is not a repeating weekly day
  • Number of Daily Preferences: By default this is set to 5 preferences, but you can reduce this choice if desire
  • Minimum Weekly Pupil Selections: This is the minimum number of choices the Pupils/Parents can make
  • Activities Start Date: is the first day that your activities commence
  • Activities End date: is the final day that you want activities to take place
  • Activity Default Start Time: The time selected will be the default start time of the Container activities, for example the end of your school day (for after school activities)
  • Activity Default End Time: The Time selected will be the default end time of the Container activities
  • Event type: select the type of events you will be creating, e.g. After School Club or Breakfast Club
  • Responsibility for Confirmation: Whoever is selected in this option will clarify who can Sign Up for Events or make Activity Selections.  Choose from Parents Only, Students or Parents, or Parents Only
  • Sign Up Open and Close: The period in which Parents/Pupils can Sign Up for Activities.  This is different from when the activities run from and to.  This is just for signing up.  It is recommended to close your sign up in advance of your first activities starting by a few days to allow for allocations and manual changes.
  • Allow parent/student re-submission of selections: If checked, this lets Parents/Students change the choices even when confirmed. After the sign up is closed this is no longer possible.
  • Allow post allocation join requests: If checked, this lets Parents/Students request to join an activity once the sign up has closed and the allocations have been made.  This lets the organiser know someone would like to join an activity which would need to be approved or denied.
  • Use Organisation Block Dates: if selected, events will not be created for dates entered within the block dates tab in the reception/registers.  These should be set before generating your events
  • Terms & Conditions: You can add your sign up Terms and Conditions in the relevant box, or link to them using the ‘Terms additional info (URL)’

When the details have been entered, click the green 'Save' tab.

 5. Now the container has been created, it will appear in the  'Activities Sign up Admin' tab (this may be labelled differently due to your school's preferences).