Using Prerequisites for Activities in your CCA Programme


Most of the time you can define who can see and sign up for an activity using the Available to and Unavailable to filters.  However, there may be a scenario where you would like an activity to be selected by a subset of two different groups. In this case you can use the prerequisites filter in combination with the available to filter to show the activity to the intended group only. 

Example: Swim Squad is for all the students that have attained their Level 2 Swimming Certificate, but it is only available to Yrs 7 - 9.  Also, parents can only select the group if they have not been identified as a high debtor.

  1. First, create a group of students that have the Level 2 Swimming Certificate - see Creating a Group for more details.

2. Next, edit the group filters to show the Available to, Unavailable to and Prerequisite groups: