Controlling availability of Activities/ Limiting pupils from seeing activities

In a preference based sign up you can control who sees activities by using the Available/ Unavailable to filters unique to each activity.

Example Scenario: The Golf activity was open to all in Yrs 9-12 last term, but it was oversubscribed.  This term it will be available to all in Yrs 9-12 again but limited to people who did not get the opportunity to join the club last term.

1. First, make sure last term's group is easily identifiable.  Select Activities & Clubs (this may be labelled differently according to your school's preferences).

Click to Manage last term's container.

On the Groups tab, edit the previous group(s) to include the term in the name.

2. Create a new container and copy the groups from the previous container.  Edit the names of the new copied groups to remove the reference to the term.


3. In the group's Edit page, add the old group(s) under the Unavailable to filter: