Archiving a live group / Removing a duplicate group

Groups cannot be deleted but they can be archived to hide them from view.  Admin users will still be able to see archived groups so that they can refer back to these if they need to, or copy them to create next term's groups.

1. Go to ‘Activities & Clubs Admin’ (This tab may be named differently for your school e.g. ‘Bookings’)

2. On the groups tab, click 'Manage Students' and remove all the students from the group.

3. Back on the groups page, click 'Edit'.

(If you are removing a duplicate group, change the title of the group so that it is identifiable in the groups list when you go to archive it later)

4. If join requests are switched on, deselect 'Allow post-allocation join requests'

5. Click 'X' to remove the year groups under 'Available to'.

6. Click 'Save'.

7.  Click on Reception > Groups and deselect ‘My Groups’. Search for the group name and click on it to open the Details tab.

8. Check that there are no students in the group and click 'Archive' under the Details tab.

Click Archive to confirm you would like to archive the group.