Renaming and Reusing Parents Evening Containers

Renaming and Reusing Parents Evening Containers in SchoolsBuddy

Parents Evening Containers within SchoolsBuddy are designed to reused to save creating more containers for the same purpose. If your School has a termly parents evening container, this can be renamed and reused throughout the school year. This article will show you how to rename and reuse a Parents Evening Container. 

1. Click the 'Activities Signup admin' tab (this may be labelled differently due to your School's preferences) 

2. Following this, find the previous term Parents Evening Container. 

3. Click the 'Edit' on the desired Container. 

4. Edit the name and description of the Container to the name of your Parents Evening. 

 5. Edit the Sign up open and close and the activities start and end date. 

6. When the correct details have been entered, click the green 'Save' tab. 

7. Now the container details have been changed, this will be displayed in the 'Activities signup admin' tab. An example of this is shown in the image below. 

8. Now the container has been edited, you must create events for the Parents Evening. 

9. Click the blue 'Manage' tab next to the Parents Evening Container. 

10. There is no need to create more groups as these have previously been created in the past Parents Evening. If your re-using for a new academic year and your School has an active MIS link the registration groups/classes will automatically update in which the old pupils will be removed and the new pupils added. 

11. Click the 'Create Events' tab. 

12. Fill in the following information fields as follows:- 
  • Title: title of the Parents Evening / Parent Conference 
  • Vital Information: type in any vital information surrounding 
  • Bookings per slot: this will depend on your School's preferences

13. If you wish to create the same event for every group, click 'Select all' or you can select individual groups to create events.  

14. Fill in the following information fields as follows:- 
  • Location: you can either choose the group location or choose from your School's location list. 
  • Frequency: you can either create time slots for one day or multiple day
  • Event date: select the day/s for the Parents Evening / Parent Conference 
  • Start time: first time slot 
  • End Time: the end time of the last time slot. 
  • Event time length in mins: this will be the length of each time slot 
  • Interval time in mins: any time length you wish to put between each time booking for a break etc 
When the correct details have been entered, click the 'Create Rule' tab. 

15. When selected, the system will create an event template for every group and will be listed on the left side of the screen. 

16. Following this, select the 'Publish Events' tab. 

17. All event templates created will be listed.  If all the events are correct, click the confirmation tick box and the green 'Publish' tab. 

18. When the events have been published they will be listed in the 'Existing Events' tab. 

19. Now parents will be able to sign up for the time Slots created in the new event template and the Parents Evening Container has been reused.