Creating a Parents' Evening / Parent Conference / PTC

Creating a Parents' Evening / Parent Conference/ PTC 

1. Click the Activities & Clubs / Bookings Admin tab (this may be labelled differently due to your School's preferences) 


2. Click Add to create a new container. 



3. You can add multiple parents evenings in one container if you are using the same classes.  As most classes change annually this example will show how to manage PTCs for the year.

  • Sign Up Title: name of the Parents Evening(s) / Parent Conference(s)
  • Description: Details relevant to all PTCs
  • Sign Up Type: Parent Teacher Conference

4. When the Sign-up type has been selected, more details of the container will appear on the screen. Fill in the details to make the sign up open just for first PTC dates as appropriate (the activity dates are all year but the sign up period is stated for the first PTC, it can be amended for subsequent dates later). 

  • Allow booking cancellation: If you wish to allow parents to make cancellations/change their time slots, select the box.  Parents will see up to date availability of time slots.
  • Maximum Bookable events per group: This will usually will be one booking per pupil.
  • Activities start date: This can just be term dates if your dates haven't already been planned for the whole year.
  • Activities end date: This can just be term dates if your dates haven't already been planned for the whole year.
  • Activity default start time: If most of your PTCS start at the same time set this as the default.
  • Activity default end time: If most of your PTCS end at the same time set this as the default.
  • Responsibility for confirmation: Depends on your School's preferences.
  • Sign up opens: Date when sign up opens (for the first PTC)
  • Sign up closes: Date when sign up closes (for the first PTC)
  • Use Organisation Block Dates: Selecting this will prevent any PTCs being created on days that have been blocked for your organisation.
  • Terms & Conditions: You can enter any Terms & Conditions for the parent to agree to before making a booking.
  • Booking Data Form: SchoolsBuddy can create custom data forms if you need to collect any information from parents at the time of booking.  For example, translator requirements.  Contact us with any requests.

When all details have been entered, select the green 'Save' tab. 

5. The container will be created and you will be taken to the home screen.  Next, create the teacher groups for subject or registration classes.  These can be imported from your Student Information System - contact us if you would like to set this up.

6. To create an individual group click Add or to create all groups from the data imported from your Student Information System click Bulk Add

7. If you have selected the Bulk Add option you can choose to generate groups from Subject Classes or Registration Groups. Select the desired option. 

Subject classes are filterable by teacher, group, year and keyword search:

8. Select the Reg Groups or Subject Classes you wish to add by clicking the toggle box or using Select all. The group title suffix will be applied e.g. Reg Group 1 Parents Evening, Reg Group 2 Parents Evening...


9.If you wish to see what pupils are in the Reg Group or Subject Class, click the green (i) logo located next to the name. 

10. When the classes have been selected, click the Generate Teachers button. 


12. A list of the newly created teacher groups will appear. You can delete or edit these; after making changes click Save Changes, then Done when you are finished. There is a quick way to add a location later, so only fill these out if you are using different locations for each group.


13. The newly created groups will be listed in the Teachers tab within the container. In this case, a warning message is shown because more than one group has the same teacher.  The data from the MIS system was not correct so they need to be manually edited.  In practise, you may have duplicated teachers if they are teaching two classes for example.  It will be important to make sure that teacher's time slots are blocked out appropriately later so that there are no double bookings. 

14. Click Edit and amend any details manually as required.

15. Click Block Dates to view any dates that PTCs will not be scheduled on.  If you have selected to use the Organisation block dates, these will appear here.  You can also add more block dates that only apply to PTCs rather than at an organisation level.

16. Next, click Create Events and Add New. 


17. Fill in the information:  

  • Title: Title of the specific Parents' Evening / Parent Conference.
  • Vital Information: Add any relevant vital information relevant.
  • Bookings per slot: Usually one parent can book a slot at a time but this will depend on your School's preferences.

18. If you wish to create the conference for every teacher / registration/subject class, click Select All.  Alternatively you can select individual teacher groups. 


19. Fill in the details:  

  • Location: You can either choose the group default location or select one from your School's location list.
  • Frequency: You can create time slots for one day or multiple days.  If each day has a different start & end time we recommend adding them as a single day then adding another event for the different timed slots afterwards.
  • Event date: select the day/s for the Parents' Evening / Parent Conference.
  • Start time: Beginning of first time slot.
  • End Time: The end time of the last time slot.
  • Event time length in mins: The length of each time slot.
  • Interval time in mins: Add a time length if you wish to put a break between each time slot.

Click  Create Rule to finish. 


20. The system creates an event template for every group.  These are editable.

21. Click on Publish Events to review the events created:


22. If all the events are correct, scroll down and click the confirmation box and the Publish button. Note, events will be visible to parents if the sign up period is already open.

23. When the events have been published they will be listed in the Existing Events tab. 

24. Below is an example of the screen parents will see when booking a Parents Evening / Parent Conference time slot. 

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