Managing Teachers Classes for Parent Teacher Conferences / Parents' Evenings

In order to avoid double booking any teachers that have multiple groups on the teachers page please edit the teacher so that all classes are available in one group.​​

Before the sign up is opened to parents, both the process below must de done as well as Blocking out Parents Evening / Parent Conference time slots - Admin user

1. Click 'Activities & Clubs Admin' & click 'Manage' on the Parent Teacher Conference container. This takes you to the 'Teachers' tab where a warning is displayed for teachers that have multiple groups:


2. Check which classes should be moved over to the main teacher group; if one has a number of classes listed and another has just one, use the teacher with the most classes listed.

3. Click 'Edit'


4. Click 'Available to'


5. Select the filter 'Subject Class ' and type to search for the class you need to add

6. Click 'Add' next to the subject class

7. Click 'Continue'


8. Click 'Save'