Deleting Events for a Parent Teacher Conference

To delete the events you no longer need for a Parent Teacher Conference,

1. Click on 'Activities & Clubs' (This may be named differently depending on your school's settings.

2. Click 'Manage' for the Parent Teacher Conference for which you wish to delete events.

3. Click on 'View events / bookings' or 'Existing Events' (depending on your school)

4. Click on the group you want to remove  

5. Click on one of the events  

6. Click on 'Details' on the right

7. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Delete'

8. This will bring up a pop up box asking if you wish to 'Delete other events from series?'. You can 'Toggle All' to change all events or select the events you wish to cancel.

9. Click on 'Delete Events' (you may need to scroll down to find this button)

The selected events are now marked as deleted but can be restored if required.


You can check that these events are deleted by going to

  1. Reception
  2. Registers / Events
  3. Select the dates
  4. Select the Group
  5. Check the 'Include Deleted' box
  6. The deleted events appear in Red.

Also, the deleted events will no longer appear under 'View events / bookings' or 'Existing Events' for the PTC.


Deleting Events can also be performed from the 'Reception Tab'. Details of how to do it this way can be found here: Editing, Deleting or Cancelling an event