Cancelling a Parents' Evening / Parent Conference Session (more than one session)

Cancelling a Parents' Evening / Parent Conference Session (more than one session)

You can cancel Parent's evening Sessions individually, copying out a note to the parents by following this article.  However, a quicker way to do this is to send a message to the group, then delete all the bookings from the Staff Schedule.

  1. Click Messages.  Click Send Communication.  Select the recipients under the groups menu. Usually there will be two groups named "Subject class/ Registration Group" and "Subject class/ Registration Group Parents Evening" - the group marked with a suffix only contains the students who have booked time slots, where as the other group will be the whole class.
  2. Write a message and select how you would like to send it.  Click Send to finish.


3. Click the Activities & Clubs tab. (This may be labelled differently according to your School's preferences) 


4. Click the Manage button on the parents' evening/parent conference container.


5. Click the Staff Schedule tab. 

6. Click on the teacher whose sessions you would like to cancel.  Delete the bookings by clicking the trash can icon next to each name and pressing Confirm in the pop up window.



7.  The sessions will return to "Available to Book" status so the next step is to delete them from the Existing Events tab.  They will no longer be seen in Parents' diaries.


8. Select the teacher (1) and click on any one of their sessions (2) 

Scroll down to click Delete.


9. A pop up window will appear to ask if you wish to delete all events in the series.  Use the Toggle button to select all, scroll to the bottom and click Delete Events.


10. If you click on a deleted session under Existing Events it will now show "Deleted" in a red bar on the Details tab.