How to charge a parent a fee via a Single Payment - with 'Consent'

How to charge a parent a fee via a Single Payment  with 'Consent'

Use this article to help you set up a simple fee only event to charge a group of students. It is possible to complete this process with or without parent consent. If you do not require consent please see the ' Quick Charge Article'. This method below should only be used if you require consent. 

1. First you need to create a group of who is eligible for the charge and add all the students to that group. 

2. Title the group (1), add an optional description (2), choose 'Mixed' gender (as applicable) (3) and Activity 'Other' (4).  Click Save.


3. When the group has loaded, click on Students/Pupils (1) and then + Add Multiple (2)



4. Add students to the group. You can simply select from the names and press the + button to add (1), search and filter by name, grade/year or any other group already in the system (2 & 3) and then press save when complete (4)


5. Now you have completed setting up the group for the students that you want to charge you are ready to set up the fee only event by using our 'Misc charges' event type.

Please note: you can edit this group of people before creating another fee event, or remove as you require.

6. Click the 'Organising' tab from the main screen and press + Create Event. Select a Misc Charges event.

As a reminder, this is only going to create an event to charge the students so that parents can pay. It is not designed for a register or regular recurring events. Create an Instant Book Event type for other scenarios.


7.  It is most important to select Send Availability / Consent Request with AUTO SELECTION (1). This will ensure that the parent is charged immediately either when you select the parent for a Direct Payment or when consent is given by the parent.

Choose Parental Consent Required if you require parent consent. For some schools this is defaulted but this does not mean that you need to actually send the consent invites to the parents. (2)

Add the fee you would like to charge (3 & 4), and the group you would like to charge it to. In this case, Milk  Fees Autumn Term 2019 Year 3. (5). Then give the fee event a name, something like 'Milk Termly Fee' would suffice(6).


8. Next set the date. Two considerations. If you are charging with a direct charge without any consent this should be around 2 hours in the future (1). If you want consent you need to consider about when the consent should expire. As when this from date is in the past the parent will no longer be able to give consent.  Think of this date as the consent expiry date and time

Ignore venue and meeting at. You can give more information in Vital Information if desired. Then click 'Save'.


9.  Next you will see the event planner screen. The Availability / Consent element is most important (shown below).


10. Click on this section with the green, red and amber symbols. These are the counters for who has given consent/ marked as consent given.


DIRECT CHARGE WITHOUT CONSENT (No. 1) - Select some or all of the students listed as YES that you added early into this group and press save (1). This will charge these students immediately.

TO REQUEST CONSENT PRIOR TO CHARGING (No. 2) - Select some or all of the students listed as INVITE and click save. This will send a clear invite to the parents of the students to respond with a consent or decline. Upon consent they will be charged immediately.

If you make a mistake simply exit from the Organising screen without saving!

For the purpose of these instructions I have added most with a Direct Charge but invited just one so the process can be seen of what happens to the parent.

Press Save/Send (3) to  perform the action.

To check the fees have been charged we can view the group in the fees tab within a minute or so. Please wait for the blue bar to finish loading across the screen before navigating away from the page. Depending upon the number of students this can take 20-30 seconds.

11. Counters show 224 confirmed/charged (green) and 1 invited (amber).

12.  Checking the fees tab we can see exactly who has been charged.

Press (1) to go to the fees tab, then press the + symbols next to the group (2) and event (3) to expand the fees. From here you can see a list of students and the fees charged against their account ready for the parents to pay.


13. Meanwhile in the second scenario, Mohammed Adams' parent has been sent an invite so they will need to consent before they are charged.

14. The parent can now make payment from their fees tab like checking out on a shopping cart. Payment provider will vary from school to school, depending upon the region.


15. Once the parent has paid you will see this in the relevant fees tabs.

16. It is possible to add charges for more students, by a) adding them to the group and the b) going to the organising tab, finding the event and you will see their name appear in the list of available students.