Giving a Refund through

Giving a Refund through

If the payment provider used by your School is and you wish to give a parent/pupil a refund for a payment, this must be completed via Checkout. This process contains two stages. 

1:- Processing a Withdrawal from the Wallet under Fees in SchoolsBuddy
2:- Giving the refund within the Checkout Portal

Processing a Withdrawal from the Wallet in SchoolsBuddy

Users who have the 'Advanced Fee Admin' permission level can process a withdrawal from the wallet in SchoolsBuddy. 

1. Go to the 'Wallet Accounts Overview' tab under 'Fees'.   Search for the parent's wallet and click 'Withdrawal'.

2.  Enter a description and reference as appropriate.  Choose the amount you'd like to withdraw and click 'Withdraw'.  You will then need to process the refund through the original payment method.


Giving the Refund through

First, find the transaction ID in SchoolsBuddy.  

1. Click on Fees > Student Accounts Overview.  Search for the student name and click 'View Transactions'.

2. Adjust the dates as required and click 'Show Related Transactions'.  Copy the payment reference from the description.


3. Log into your Clubs/Organisation Checkout account using the information that used when registering. 

Log into your portal by clicking here

4. When you have logged into the Dashboard of Checkout:- 
  • Click the 'Transactions' tab on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  • Paste or type the reference from SchoolsBuddy (found in the Fees tab) into the 'Search' bar on the middle of the screen.
  • When the reference has been found (if not you may need to change the date range in the top right hand corner!)

5. Then on the next screen click the ChargeID

6. When the next screen appears scroll to the bottom of the page to find the refund button.

Click that and you can decide the amount to refund and apply either a full or partial refund.

Now the payment has been refunded in Checkout, if you have not yet processed a withdrawal from the Wallet in the Fees tab in SchoolsBuddy, go back to part 1. Or click here to learn how to do this in SchoolsBuddyIf this is not done, any related Reports will be affected.