Adding an additional fee to a student for an existing event

PLEASE NOTE: To add a fee for an existing group the student will only appear in the search box if they have attended an event in this group before or are a member of this group. If you cannot find the student please add the student to the group prior to attempting to add this fee.

For instructions of how to add a student to a group click here

1. Click the 'Fees' tab. 

2.  Filter the date range if you can't see the group that you want to add the fee for (some groups, like block bookings, may be dated at the start of term)

3. Select the group from the dropdown menu:

4. Use the + symbol to expand the group view and see all the events within that group.  (For individual bookings you will need to find the date of the relevant event).

4. Click the blue person "raise a charge" icon, which is located on the right side of the screen. 

5. When selected, a pop-up box will appear like the one shown in the image below. 

6. Fill in the mandatory details as follows:- 

  • Description: Your own description
  • Reference: Your own reference
  • Charge: type in the mount you wish to charge (do not enter the currency symbol)
  • Student: Type the beginning of the students name and it will appear for you to select.  (If it does not appear, the student must be added to the group)
  • Send Email Notification to Parents: This is optional and will default to send email

When all the details have been entered, the "Raise Charge" button will be available to select.

The fee will be added against the student account and will be shown on the Summary Screen: