Chasing overdue Payments

Chasing overdue Payments in SchoolsBuddy

1. Click the 'Fees' tab. 


2. Use the filters to find the group and click the '+' symbol against the group to find the date of the event you wish to send a fee chase. 

3. Click the red envelope/letter that symbol located on the far right of the screen.

4. When selected, a pop-up box will appear on the screen like the one shown in the message below. You have the option of writing a message which will be added to the chase remainder email/push notifications that are sent to parents. 

5. An example of the chase email and where the optional message text will be placed is shown in the image below. 

6. You can send unlimited Fee chases and within the 'summary' tab of the 'Fees' tab, it is displayed when a fee chase was last sent.