NEW - Manually Reconciling a Payment

There are two methods to recording a payment. The record payment screen is the quickest way to add a payment receipt, however, it is possible to access this function from the summary screen 

From the Record Payments tab

Click the 'Fees' tab and 'Record Payments'.


Search for the student (1) or event, select the events that you want to mark as paid (2) and press 'Record Payment' (3).


Select the payment method from the dropdown menu, add a reference as required and click 'Pay'.


From the Fees Summary screen 

As above except navigate to the fee from the Fees Summary screen.  Filter by date, group, grade, student name or select unpaid items only.  Use the + symbol to  expand the group, event and student and check the white box, or multiple boxes to record payment for multiple events. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Record Payment'.


Enter the amount paid (if different to full amount), a reference as required, and select the payment method from the dropdown menu.  Click 'Pay'.

You will see a 'Payment Complete' summary screen.

The amount manually marked will be reduced from the parent's balance. 

Please note: the parent/pupil will not receive an automatic communication telling them the fee has been marked has paid.