Manually Recording a Payment

This article explains how to record offline payments, using cash, bank transfers, refunded credit or childcare vouchers for example.  In order to record payments you will need to have the Fees Admin staff role enabled.  Contact your school Organisation Super Admin user(s) to give you permission if you don't have this.

1. Click on: Fees 

2. Click on: Record Payments

3. Search for either the Student's name, or an Event if you would like to record payments for multiple students at once.  

Student Payments 

  1. Search for Student name
  2. Filter the outstanding charges as required.  In this case the parent only wants to pay for Breakfast club charges.
  3. Use the Toggle All button to select all charges.
  4. Click Record Payment

5. If they are paying the whole amount click the Set All to Outstanding Amount shortcut button to autofill the amounts.  If not,  enter the amounts manually.

6.  Complete the Reference.

7. Next, either select Payment Method in the boxes below, or if they already have credit on the system,  select > Pay Using Parent Balance.  A table will appear showing the parents' names and their credit and voucher balances (Voucher payments may not be enabled for your school - contact us if you would like to enable them).

8. If the parent doesn't have enough of a balance to cover the events, press the Back button to adjust the amount of events to be paid.

10. Now adjust the amounts to match the amount of credit available to pay with.

11.  Click on the Credit balance.  It will be highlighted in green if there is enough money to pay with.  For voucher payments, if your school allows voucher balances to go into debt you could select a negative voucher balance to pay with.

12. Click Pay with Credit Balance.

13.  A Payment summary screen is shown.  from here you can navigate away from the screen or click on Record Another Payment.

Please note: the parent/student will not receive notification telling them the fee has been paid. 

Event Payments

In this example we will look at an event called "School Trip"

1. Select the checkboxes next to the name(s) of the students who have paid.  You can also use the filters above to narrow down the list.

2. Click Record Payment

3. If all students have paid the full amount, use the shortcut button Set All to Outstanding Amount to populate the payment column with the amount.  Otherwise you can enter the individual amounts.

4. Complete the References as required and choose a payment method from the drop down list.

5. Press Record Payment

Select the payment method from the dropdown menu, add a reference as required and click 'Pay'.

Please note: the parent/student will not receive notification telling them the fee has been paid.