Charging Parents a Fee with Quick Charge

To quickly charge parents a fee for a group or year, use the Quick Charge function.  N.B. If you want to charge students that aren't in a group yet, see this article to create a group first.

1. Go to Fees and click on the Quick Charge tab.  Search for a group or year name.

2. If the group or year has previously been charged any fees, they will appear below for quick reference so that they are not duplicated.


3. At this point you can either Quick Charge the whole group, or individually select members to charge.  Press the Quick Charge button to set the same amount for everybody and click Submit.


4. All the charges are auto-populated.  Scroll down to enter the reason for the charge in Event Name.  By default, Includes Tax and Send email Notification to Parents are off.  Check the Includes Tax box if you would like to see tax details on financial reports.  Check Send Email Notification to Parents to alert parents that the charge has been added to their account.



5. Click Confirm in the  warning pop up message.


6. A success message will appear to confirm the charge has been successful.  Click OK.



7. A record of the charge can be seen in the Quick Charge window, and it can also be viewed under the year or group in the Fees Summary tab.