Paysafe Payout Matching - Guidance

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to match transaction amounts with your Paysafe payouts.  We can offer the following guidance to help you recognise the payout totals.

Firstly we recommend that you download your Monthly Transaction Statement from your Paysafe portal, which brings it into a spreadsheet format.  

1. Take the last payment on the downloaded statement, for our example, the payment amount (in the Debit Column) is £864.58

2. Typically this will relate to a number of settlements approximately 7-10 days prior, so this requires some guess work and trial and error (to start with, once this process is underway it will become easier to match).  Once you have identified these transactions you can keep a log of the last settlement paid out so that you can find the settlements paid out faster next time.

In the example below, we have a net total of £865.58 which will match your Paysafe payment on this date.  This is made up of 4 transactions between 2-5th November, less the related fees.

3. The next step is to match this total with your SchoolsBuddy account, but for this we will need to look at the gross total, of £877.75.  Add a gross amount column to your spreadsheet when you have identified the transactions.

4. The settlement dates which Paysafe will use for their payouts will differ to those within SchoolsBuddy by one day.  Simply, go back one day from the start and end date to put into your SchoolsBuddy report. In this example the Paysafe dates are 2-5th November, so in your SchoolsBuddy report select the date range 1st-4th November

5. The gross amounts will match, therefore you can trust the date and use Group / Event summaries as required.


For more guidance on checking daily transaction totals within SchoolsBuddy and Paysafe, please see our other detailed support document, here.