Giving A Refund through AsiaPay

Giving a Refund through AsiaPay

If the payment provider used by your School is AsiaPay and you wish to give a parent/pupil a refund for a payment, this must be completed via AsiaPay. This process contains two stages. 

1:- Processing a Withdrawal from the Wallet under Fees in SchoolsBuddy

2:- Giving the refund within the AsiaPay/ Paydollar Portal

Processing a Withdrawal from the Wallet in SchoolsBuddy

 To process the withdrawal in SchoolsBuddy 

click here

, and follow the third section 'Refunding Money Back to the Original Payment Method'.

Giving the Refund through AsiaPay

1. Log into your Schools AsiaPay account using the information that used when registering. 

Login to AsiaPay / Paydollar here

2. When you have logged in to the Dashboard of AsiaPay:- 

  • Click the 'Operations' tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click 'Transaction Detail'


  • Select 'ALL' under 'Payment Status'.
  • Either paste or type the AsiaPay reference into the 'Payment Reference' box. This can be found under Fees in SchoolsBuddy against the original payment.
  • Click 'View'.



  • When the correct payment has been found with the same exact reference number, click the 'Online Refund' icon.


  • Amount will default to the original payment around.  Change the amount if you want to give a partial refund.
  • Click 'Confirm'.