Restricting the use of Childcare Vouchers using groups

You can use groups to restrict the use of Childcare Vouchers to only those eligible to receive them.

To do this click on the Reception tab and choose Groups.  Then choose 'Add Group' to create a new Group

Call this Group a relevant name, such as 'Childcare Vouchers Group' and fill in the details required.  For the activity choose 'Other' from the dropdown list.  If required then fill in group code and billing code, then click the green 'Save' button on the right-hand side

This Group is now created and can be populated with Students.  To do this, locate the Group from the left-hand side to bring up the Group on the screen and then choose the 'Pupils' button.  You can now click the 'Add' or 'Add Multiple' button to select Students.

Now the relevant Students are in the Group, when you are creating or editing a Container, you can choose to 'Accept Voucher Payments' and then limit paying by Voucher to a specific Group by selecting this Group from the dropdown box underneath.

This will now only allow Voucher payments to Parents whose children are in this Group.