NEW - Childcare Vouchers (For Admins)

Paying by Childcare Vouchers (parent view)

When a Parent makes a booking, if applicable they can pay by Childcare Voucher.  To this the Parent would navigate to the booking, click to book, and on the payment options screen choose 'pay by voucher'

A confirmation message will pop up which the Parent will need to click 'continue' to proceed.

Current Limitations (as September 2019)

If parents book and pay using Childcare vouchers, there is currently no limit and should they allocate more than they can pay with vouchers there is currently no way to transfer these vouchers back as a debt on the student account. (We hope to address this in the next 4-6 weeks).

Part payments by voucher and credit/debit card are not possible. We advise parents to make two bookings if they need to allocate some payments to their voucher balance and some by credit/debit card.

How the Childcare Voucher Balance works

If you have chosen to allow both debt and credit on a parent's childcare voucher balance (this is on by default*), parents can opt to pay by childcare vouchers when booking wraparound care.  If a parent books care before you have received their voucher this will make their balance show as a negative figure.  Once the voucher has been received and has been credited to their account*, this will balance their previous booking balance and the remaining voucher value will be visible as credit which they can use for future bookings.

*You can opt to switch off the ability to have debt on a voucher balance meaning the parent must submit their vouchers to the school and they must be input before they can begin to use the voucher against care bookings.

**Only staff members who have the 'Advanced Fee Admin' role within SchoolsBuddy will be able to administer Childcare Voucher balances.

Where to find the Voucher Accounts Overview Screen

Within the Fees tab you will now see the Voucher Accounts Overview tab, by clicking this you will see a screen of all parents (you can search for an individual) and easily input a voucher using the credit button. 

This summary screen also allows for manual charges and a transaction view for each parent.

Restricting who can pay with Vouchers using Groups

You can restrict who can pay by Childcare Vouchers.  Please view this support document for more information.