NEW - Summary Screen

What you will see

Our summary screen has changed to 5 columns. Specific to how schools work with multiple charges, corrections, discounts and payments, refunds and more all supported.


The 5 new columns are:

  1. Fees Charged - what a student/member was original charged
  2. Adjustments - anytime you adjust a charge, be it for discounting, correcting, cancellations or writing off charges. Everything falls under the classification of an adjustment.
  3. Fees Paid - Money received against the charge by either online methods (if enabled) or by offline methods, childcare vouchers or using an existing parent wallet account.
  4. Transfers Out - Most of our schools and clubs have been very keen to reduce the need for refunding which is an admin burden so we have build a parent credit wallet which ensures that all monies that you need to give back to the parent are first transferred to their wallet balance. From there, you can refund should you need to, or leave the credit to be used for future payments.
  5. Balance Outstanding - either 0 or the summary of debt related to that group/year/grade. Expanded by using the '+ icon to the left you can see summaries, for Group, Event and Person levels.

The balance is calculated as the fees charged minus any adjustments LESS any payments minus any transfers out.

What can you do from this screen?

1. Make an adjustment to a charged fee
2. Add an additional fee to a student for an existing event
3. Chase outstanding fees for an event
4. Filter and view fees charged, adjusted, paid and transferred out for a student, timeframe and group

To read more about making adjustments and details of the parent wallet system click here