Sending Staff a Message

Sending a Message to Staff in SchoolsBuddy 

1. Click the 'Reception/Registers' tab. 

2. Click the 'Send Communication' tab. 

3. There are various options within this screen. 

Please select the following:- 
  • Email (inc. mobile app notifications) 
  • Template: Staff notice- will send staff admins of a group only. If you select years/whole schools (it will send to all staff members) 
  • It can also be sent with a mobile app push notification (the default option).

4. To select who receives the message, click the 'Select Recipients' tab. 

5. When selected, a pop-up box will appear on the screen. From here, you can select a specific Group, Year (Grade) or even the Whole School, these can be searched for using the search bar and filter. The Staff within the specific Group/Year(Grade) will be the recipients. 

Please note: you can select multiple groups / years or grades.

6. To select which parents receive the message, click the 'Add' tab. When all the correct recipients have been selected, click the green 'Continue' tab. 

7. Now the message can be created:- 
  • Title: Title of the staff notice (this will show as the email subject/push notification heading ) 
  • Body: Body text of the message. You can add formatting to the message with bold, italic, tables, titles etc.
When the correct message has been created, select the green 'Send' tab. 

8. The Staff Notice will take a few minutes to be delivered to the recipients. 

9. The message will be visible in the Message Centre (admin staff can view ALL messages that have been sent).

10. Staff will receive the message by email, push notifications on mobile devices (assuming this option was not unticked). When the Staff log into SchoolsBuddy on the web the message will be visible in the Message Centre. Below is an example of how the parents will see this message in the web portal.