Other Forms of Communications

Other Forms of Communications in SchoolsBuddy

Within SchoolsBuddy communications are either manually sent to parent's, pupil's and staff or sent automatically after certain functions are performed. 

Manual Communications

Communications that are sent manually, normally involve a staff member having control of when and why they are sent. Manual Communication include:- 
  • Parent Notice (Sent via the send communications tab) 
  • Pupil Notice (Sent via the send communications tab) 
  • Staff Notice (Sent via the send communications tab) 
  • News  (Sent via the send communications tab) 
  • Homework / Documents (Sent via the send communication tab) 
  • Parent / Staff / Pupil activation email 
  • Password Reset 
  • Event Invitations (Sent when an event is created from the 'My Organising' screen)  
  • Parent Absentee Alerts
  • Fee Chasing

Activation Emails 

In order for a Staff Member, Parent or Pupil to set up a SchoolsBuddy account they must be sent an activation email. This activation gives them a link which lets them type a password which will be used when logging into SchoolsBuddy. Activation emails can only be sent by an Admin Staff User. These emails can be customized with different wording and images. 

To learn how to send an Activation email click here 

Password Reset 

If a SchoolsBuddy User has forgotten their password and they wish to reset it, as an organisation admin you have the ability to send them a password reset email. The link in the email resets their password and lets them create a new password of their choice. This can be sent to Staff / Parents / Pupils. 

To learn how to send a password reset email click here

Event Invitations

Event invitations are manually sent from the 'Event Organising Screen' after an event has been created and the availability/consent communication preferences have been selected. Once the event invitation is sent, the Pupil/Parent will receive an email and push notification (if the user has the mobile apps) informing them of the event invitation in which they will be able to send back an RSVP. Below is an example of the Event Invitation Screen.

Parent Absentee Alerts

When a register is taken by a member of staff, the staff member has the option of recording a pupil as:- 

Yes = They arrived on time and participated.
No = Expected but not arrived, starts the process to send an Absentee Alert.
Late = They arrived but noted they were late.
Excused = They didn’t arrive but this was known why and it does not need to be marked as a No.

When a pupil is marked as a no and then the register is saved, by default the staff member who has a role as an absentee alert receiver will be notified by email. When saving the register, you have an option of notifying the parents of the absent pupil. If this is selected, the parent and staff member will be sent an absentee alert email. 

If you wish to learn more about taking registers in SchoolsBuddy please click here


Fee Chasing 

If pupils within a group have an outstanding fee associated with their SchoolsBuddy account, you have the option as a Fees admin to send the Pupils/Parents of that group a fee chase. A fee chase is an email/push notification that is sent to the pupil/parent who have an outstanding balance. When sending a fee chase you do not have the option to choose individual pupils, the fee chase sends the email/push notification to every member in the group who has an outstanding balance on SchoolsBuddy. 

To learn more about fee's within SchoolsBuddy please click here


Automatic Communications

Communications that are sent automatically, are sent because of certain functions that take place within the system. Automatic communications include:- 
  • Pupil/Parent Booking confirmation (for parents evening or instant book & pay event) 
  • A fee has been allocated to a Pupil/Parent account (for core events or a manual booking done by a staff member) 
  • Confirmation of Pupil/Parent CCA/After School Club/Activities selections
  • Confirmation of Pupil/Parent CCA/After School Club/Activities allocations
  • Confirmation of Payment (payment made by Parent/Pupil) 
  • Cancellation of an Event 
  • Event details have been edited

Booking Confirmation

When a SchoolsBuddy user has made a booking either for a parents evening or an instant book and pay event, they will receive an email which gives them a confirmation of the booking. Within the email, it will contain the date, time, price (if applicable) and the number of bookings made by the user. 

Fee Allocated to a User's Account 

This email is automatically sent in two scenarios. Firstly, when a staff member makes a manual booking within a Container | Existing events tab, if the event has a fee associated with it, then a fee will be allocated to the account. This means the SchoolsBuddy User will receive this email and a push notification if they are using the SchoolsBuddy mobile apps. 

Confirmation of User Activities selections

When a parent or pupil has submitted activity selections within a preference based sign up, they will receive an email communication to confirm their selection within the preference-based sign-up container. 

Confirmation of User Activities allocations

When the preference-based sign-up container events have been generated and the pupil activity allocations have been made, the user will receive an email communication to confirm which selection they have been allocated. Also, when the allocations have been made the pupil will automatically be added to the relevant group and events will be added to their diary. 

Confirmation of Payment

When a user has made a payment of event within SchoolsBuddy, they will receive an email confirming a payment has been made. 

Cancellation & Updated details of an Event

If an event has been cancelled or the details have been changed within SchoolsBuddy, the User is notified by email and push notification if they are using the SchoolsBuddy mobile apps.