Sending Parents an SMS Message

Sending Parents an SMS Message in SchoolsBuddy 

Your School must have the SMS module enabled and enough credits to send an SMS to Parents. An SMS Message to a parent will cost 1 credit if this message is over 150 characters long this will cost 2 credits. For example, 1 SMS message to 10 Parents will cost 10 credits, if the message exceeds 150 characters it will cost 20 credits. 

1. Click the 'Reception/Registers' tab. 

2. Click the 'Send Communications' tab. 

3. Click the 'SMS' option when selecting 'Send via' 
  • Sending an SMS message sends an SMS text message to multiple Parents (If the message exceeds 150 characters it will send as 2 messages)
  • Your School will have to have enough credits available to send the message (Credits are purchased through the SchoolsBuddy Sales team)
  • 1 Message to 1 parent will cost 1 credit, if the message exceeds 150 characters this will cost 2 credits. 

4. To select who receives the message, click the 'Select Recipients' tab. 

5. When selected, a pop-up box will appear on the screen. When selecting the recipients you have the option of sending the message to just Parents, Pupils, Staff Members or every member of the Group which will include Staff. You can choose from the Following (These can be filtered by using the search bar and the drop-down bar):- 
  • Individual Parent / Pupil / Staff 
  • Specific Group 
  • Year / Grade 
  • Whole School
Parents / Pupils / Staff must have a valid mobile number linked to their SchoolsBuddy account (If your School has an MIS link, this will be automatically imported with Parent/Pupil/Staff  Information). When the recipient is selected it will display what person/group/year is receiving the message, an example of this is shown in the image below. 

Please note: you can select multiple groups/years or grades

6.  To select the recipient click the 'Add.........' tab. When all the correct recipients have been selected, click the green 'Continue' tab.

7. Now the message can be created:- 
  • SMS Balance: this shows how many SMS credits your Schools has available (credits can be purchased through the SchoolsBuddy Sales Team)
  • SMS Message Body: Body text of the SMS (If the message exceeds 150 characters will cost 2 credits per recipient) 
When the correct message has been created, select the green 'Send' tab. 

8. The message will take a few minutes to be delivered to the recipients. 

9. Sent messages will appear below the 'Send' tab within the Send Communication | SMS tab. It will show what was sent in the body of the SMS message, how many recipients there were of the message and how many of those recipients were valid. 
  • You can also Export a (CSV) file report. This will give you a CSV file containing the Last Name, First Name, Mobile Number of the recipients and a confirmation whether or not the message was successfully sent. 
10. Parents will receive the message on their mobile device (assuming their number in SchoolsBuddy is valid). The image below is an example of how the message will look when the recipients have received it.  The sender name can be customized and it will read as your School's name.