Sending Parents a Message

Sending a Message to Parents in SchoolsBuddy 

 1. Click the messages tab to be brought to your inbox and then click the send communication button.  If you are an Administrator or Communications Administrator, then you   will be able to send messages to all Groups and the Whole School if required.  If you have standard staff access you will only be able to send messages to Groups that you are a part of

2. The sending interface will load, and you will have the choice of whether to send via email or SMS.  In order to use the SMS function within SchoolsBuddy you must have the module enabled and have previously purchased credits in advance.  See support article Sending messages via SMS for more information

3. Ensuring that email is the selected option, click the Select Recipients button to open up the Recipients filter options


You can click the dropdown box on the top left of the screen to switch between Years/Grades or Groups. To add a Year/Grade or Group to the selection click the add button on the right-hand side.  You can then view the selections you have added at the top of the screen.  To remove a selection click the trashcan icon to the right of their name

4. Choose who receives the message from the various template options:

·         Parent notice - send a message to parents - choose this option for sending to parents

·         Pupil notice - send to pupils only

·         Staff notice - send to staff admins of a group only. If you select whole school and staff (it will send to all staff members)

·         News - send a news article with attachments and a thumbnail image to all parents, pupils and staff

·         Homework / Documents (depending upon your school configuration) - this option sends to all parents, pupils and staff of a group

5. You can now type in the title of your message.  This will show as the message subject /push notification heading

6. You now have the option to add an attachment if you require.  

Attachments have to be an image, for example PDF or JPEG and cannot exceed 5mb in size.  You can add multiple attachments.  These are not sent via the message, the link to retrieve the attachment is what is sent.

7. You can now type into the message body to create your message.  

SchoolsBuddy now supports images within email communications. The images must be hosted online (not within SchoolsBuddy itself), with the image link pasted into your message.  The image will then be visible within the template as well as in the communication found in the message centre.

To insert an image, locate a suitable image online, eg on your school website, then you can simply 'copy image address' via the right click of your mouse and then paste the address within your message


You can add formatting to your message with bold, italic, tables etc

8.  When you have created your message click the green send button to send the message

9.  The message will take a minute to deliver to Parents and if you are an Administrator this will also be viewable under the all messages button in the Message Centre.  

10.  Parents will receive the message by email, push notifications on mobile devices (assuming this option was not unticked). When the parents log into SchoolsBuddy on the web the message will be visible in the Message Centre. Below is an example of how the parents will see this message in the web portal.